Hi, my name is Chris. I have been working in the Vietnam garment industry since 2008. My expertise is advising fashion start-ups and sourcing factories. If you are still exploring production then I recommend my books.  If you are ready to work with factories then schedule a consultation with me below.
Read my books before we meet.
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Garment Production in Vietnam
Learn the basics about fabrics, trims, accessories, printing, lead times, shipping and duties before contacting a factory in Vietnam.
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Buying Eco Fabrics in Vietnam
Define what Eco fabric is, understand the production processes and get introduced to factories making Eco fabric in Vietnam.
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Garment Quality Control in Vietnam
Learn how to judge a sewing factory QC systems. Get introduced to AQL which you will need if you produce apparel in Vietnam.
Would you like to talk to someone in Vietnam who has 10+ years experience working inside Vietnamese Factories?

Are you interested to get price quotes and samples made?

I can help you. Let's talk.
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1 Hour Consultation
I will answer your questions about producing apparel in Vietnam. I will recommend action plans and introduce you to people within my network.
Before you contact me, consider this:
What is the #1 reason people succeed in Vietnam when producing apparel?
Is it knowing the language?
Is it meeting the minimum order quantity?
Is it sourcing fabric?
The #1 reason is that they have tech packs.
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Services I offer:
Apparel Production Advice                           $50/hour
Sewing Factory Introductions by Email        $300/3 factories
Garment Factory Visit                                  $500/day
Tech Pack and Sample Creation                  $1,000/style
Business Planning for Fashion Start-ups     $1,500/month
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